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We are committed to providing investors with objective and data-driven insights into the digital assets market to help them make faster informed investment decisions.

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Experience: Digital Assets Analytica has a team of experienced professionals who have been involved in the digital assets market for several years. This team includes experts in areas such as blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, and market analysis.


Digital Assets Analytica has developed a deep understanding of the digital assets market and the various factors that can impact investment decisions. They use this expertise to develop tools and services that can help investors make more informed decisions.


Track record: Digital Assets Analytica has a track record of success in the digital assets market. For example, we have developed successful investment strategies and helped investors achieve positive returns in the market.


DAA was established in early 2022 in response to the growing need for institutional standardised due diligence for quality research in the rapidly evolving digital asset space. Our mission is to provide the tools for research, analysis, and insights on digital asset projects, technologies, and other topics of interest to traditional asset managers, hedge funds, family offices, regulators, custodians, tech firms, and other institutional clients entering the cryptocurrency market.

During our research, we identified a gap in the market for best practice due diligence  and where to get reliable data. Many researchers who create content are often focused on quantity over quality and often use manipulated data that results in an inaccurate price. Applying the same objective approach used in our research, we developed a model that produces an authoritative and a thorough research process  for digital assets.

Our Founder

Meet Mark M Whelan, the founder and CEO of Digital Asset Analytica, a leading provider of digital asset evaluation solutions. Mark has over 8 years of experience in the digital asset industry.

Mark’s journey in the digital asset space started when he helped install the first Bitcoin ATM in the United States at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, California. Despite his degrees from the University of Nottingham, he continued his education at Oxford, he gained mastery in the space completing Andreas Antonopoulos’s and INSEAD’s courses on blockchain.

As a former member of prestigious group GBx, Mark advocated to the British Government to understand the benefits and pitfalls of blockchain and its cryptocurrency. With guidance from Rothschild and one of the founders of Ethereum he began the process of researching the methodology that is embodied in Digital Asset Analytica today

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